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Trapped – Australian TV Series s01e01

Trapped - Australian TV Series s01e01

With their parents still not back, Ryan tries to enlist Natasha’s help to retrieve the walkie talkie from Maggie. However, he still has a lot of making up to…

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  • janette vasquez 10 months ago

    On iternet put northway tv

  • janette vasquez 10 months ago

    Go to northway website put trapped you can buy the episodes or look into i not sure but it has all the vids ad castaway to all you fellow americans and other i tried hope u find it USA!!!

  • CookieMonsterGurl296 10 months ago

    I wish you would upload the rest of the series.I can’t find it anywhere and it sucks because I was hooked the first minute of episode 1.

  • Kira Hum 10 months ago

    Can somebody upload the trapped and castaway seasons? Its impossible to watch it in the US if its not on youtube :(

  • Dana Rankin 10 months ago

    Ikr its only 5 episodes Online

  • vockmoll 10 months ago

    Can someone tell me where I can watch this entire series online for free?

  • caitlinnndunphyyy 10 months ago

    Is played at all in England?

  • Lianora Coffin 10 months ago

    Anthony is so cute lol

  • kristineannmitchell 10 months ago

    omg its on tv again :) <3

  • madison buckner 10 months ago

    could someone put the rest of the season on youtube

  • Lucy Smith 10 months ago

    I have just found out that Trapped will be shown on 7two on 7am starting Monday 28th january 2013! I can’t record it but if someone could and upload it! maybe that could work!

  • LonerLeggings 10 months ago

    14:33 *smile* *smile “What are you waiting for, Christmas?!?!” hahaha

  • david eriksson 10 months ago

    me to

  • SarahhhR5 10 months ago

    Maia Mitchell :D Loveeee her :’)

  • MoonWolf161 10 months ago

    Please upload the rest! Please

  • shez1999 10 months ago

    thanks for uploading the vid really kiarrrra1994 did that i watched every episode can u upload more vid please

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