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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Sad Scene Will’s Dad Leaves Full

Will’s dad Leaves Will once again. Will Obviously gets emotional. Smith shows excellent acting skills. By far my favorite scene from this show. Very sad and …

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  • Josie Ambroz 7 months ago

    Don’t mind me, just a white suburban girl crying over this

  • all4myteam 7 months ago

    Holy shitzu the end made me cry

  • Amanda Harvey 7 months ago

    Ben Vereen, why!?

  • lildavionna 7 months ago

    Mann i can related to this .my.daddy.been out in.jail my whole life

  • samantha kudray 7 months ago

    this is just like my life i cant watch this i just cry

  • Habbadax 7 months ago


  • JB0523 7 months ago

    You really see will’s acting skills here

  • Deirdra Kearns 7 months ago

    The relationship between Uncle Phil and Will taught me a lot more about having a dad than any other father and son depiction aired on tv. Plus, Will has to be best actor I am going to see in my life-time, without a doubt.

  • Leebaf123 7 months ago

    On the real this scene hits me real hard. Always get teary eyed.

  • 3ThreeHeadedMonkey 7 months ago

    “It was great seeing you, son.” “You too. Lou.” That line tells you everything. Great delivery.

  • alice campbell 7 months ago

    this has me in tears every single time

  • Kevin's Fitness 7 months ago

    Ya know, if I hadn’t lived this situation, I prolly wouldn’t have cried, but goddammit, that’s EXACTLY my father. The ******* that treated me like a coat…and wanted to pick up the pieces when he felt like it which was once every 12 years…it’s a ****** thing to go through in life, and Will conveyed it…SO well

  • Tesaneyah Dan 7 months ago

    There children

  • Tesaneyah Dan 7 months ago

    It’s a shame how people turn it into a race thing. Not all black fathers leave there children. I grew up happily with my father in my life. Can people take a moment to realize how sad this scene is and how great Will Smith’s acting is. He grew up with both parents and that takes real skill to act with such emotion when you have no experience and no memories with topics like that. P.S. black people aren’t the only people who leave there children. So many different ethnicities of people leave th

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