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Ruby Bridges Full Movie

Ruby Bridges story happened in 1960′s … QUICK FACTS ((…

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  • Maria Hammond 5 months ago

    This movie should be played in the clases room of every school. Out history is rich, and should be shared with the up coming generations. Let us teach them with nothing held back, and ley us not forget. God made seat for Ruby, and he will continue to make ways for his children.

  • trevor milovitch 5 months ago

    Its hard to believe that the human race can produce such inbreed Neanderthals like these races’ bastards isn’t it but we do

  • Andrea Fix 5 months ago

    I don’t agree with that fact because one time I went to the park and I asked a light colored person do you want to play and she sad no get away from me your black I was just a young girl but time by time I think about it but you know some opare mean some are nice and I have light colored friends that are amazingly nice to me and at that time I was only 6 at that time

  • Young Lyrikkal 5 months ago

    Great movie good job ruby I loved it…one love and all support this teaches young kids like me about segregation and it really wasn’t fair but we overcame… ya!

  • Alisha Hallman 5 months ago

    There are more African Americans in the world than whites, but that isn’t what this movie, or comment is about. I am just going to say that people need to respect other people no matter what their color is.

  • wilder loayza 5 months ago

    If you hate this video you are so mean

  • NightenGale Farewell 5 months ago

    It’s so sad that America had and still has to be like this (racially divided) I as a Canadian and just as a person doesn’t care if I person is black, white, green or pink or whatever. In the end we’re all human, we’re all made by God and loved by Him. That’s all that matters!!! I love humanity no matter what they’re colour or creed because we’re equal and we should love everyone equally.

  • snakes3425 5 months ago

    When your treated like trash how far will you go to be seen as a person

  • sebastian castillo 5 months ago

    Little things make Big changes.. Inspirational

  • 0906blue 5 months ago

    I dealt with black womens racism when I dated a black man. They were meaner then junk yard dogs. I had no ideal how bad racism was. I had always thought whites were racist ones.

  • OMGitsSEVEN 5 months ago

    I Can’t believe we were that way.

  • Jonathon B 5 months ago

    A great movie. Randomly just watched it on my phone

  • DivaLicious 5 months ago

    Ruby Bridges I look up to you and every thing about you because of you, Martin L King, and Rosa Parks black and white people can go to school, work, ride the bus, ride the train, and etc. Some kids look up to you like me and Every body knows that your strong and independent and I love you for that

  • Sigalit Mandel 5 months ago

    god bless them

  • Andrea Fix 5 months ago

    Well I don’t believe that because once I went to the park and I asked a light colored person to play and,she Sid no get away,from me your black but I have friend that’s light colored and they love me and I love them there so nice so I agree and disagree but amazing point

  • Maddie McGrath 5 months ago

    old days :(

  • KatyAlexandria101 5 months ago

    Racism-Animosity toward other races: prejudice or animosity against people who belong to other races. I don’t hate when people talk about it. What I do hate is being hated for something I DIDN’T DO! Anybody can be racist not just white people. One time I went to a new school and it was art class, I and an African American girl were alone at a table when suddenly she started yelling at me for being white! I didn’t say anything to deserve what she said to me. I was just a kid.

  • Keilah MCcarter 5 months ago

    HI I’m Keilah!I’m an African American, black and white are colors not a race! I’m medium brown! lol There is bad in every race, but no matter what your race does to be ashamed of, see the good that they do! Always be proud of who you are yet humble! My race of African Americans can kill thousands of people, and I will still forgive them and love them because they answer to God not me, I do not judge them! No matter what they do to make me feel ashamed, they are still in the tribe!

  • Keilah MCcarter 5 months ago

    so sick…….:(

  • KandyQueen 5 months ago

    No, I or other Black people are not racists. Racism means prejudice and power. We do not have power over other races. You just proved my point even further how you all hate it when other people talk about it. I do not all current whites; etc. if you read my comments properly. It is still going on today that is what Blacks cannot get over it. After all we built this country and were never paid for it; etc. I suggest you watch the Youtube video “Say No to Black History”. It speaks about this more.

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