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A Ghost in Monte Carlo 1990 Full Movie

I didn’t have time to split the movie into parts, so I decided to post the whole thing as it is. I hope you enjoy it. The movie is a bit campy, but it’s such…

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  • Samantha Chai 9 months ago

    OMG thank you for uploading it. I have been searching for this 

  • cchrsthogan 9 months ago

    Thank You :) 

  • Marina Jennaco 9 months ago

    L’ho scoperto per caso! Lo avevo visto in TV tanti anni fa ed ho anche letto il libro della Cartland. Nulla di speciale ma gli attori sono eccezionali così come gli ambienti che rendono molto bene lo scenario dell’epoca. Se ricordo bene, ci sono altri film tratti come questo da novelle della Cartland e trasmessi dalla RAI. In uno, ricordo che recitava Hug Grant! Peccato non sia sottotitolato in italiano, faccio fatica a capire l’inglese! Comunque grazie per averlo trasmesso.

  • RuffinaPetros 9 months ago

    What do people expect from a movie based upon a short romance novel? No one of note would go near something like this. It is what it is. Something to help pass the time. Some of the actors did okay, but overall it did kind of suck. That’s why these books shouldn’t be made into movies. There isn’t enough substance.

  • germankiwigal 9 months ago

    Ha, now THAT is a very good movie you are referencing there! :-)

  • jvdesuit1 9 months ago

    Sarah Miles has never been considered a great actress. When she was young she played girlish women and now tries to keep her looks without the slightest talent! This is a series BFlat minus minus production for the midinette at large!

  • Rina Ren 9 months ago

    I’m looking for corny in my life.. :D

  • maya21063 9 months ago

    sooo true. there were times where i couldn’t help rolling my eyes lol

  • MrNapoleon33 9 months ago

    lovely !! Thx !!!

  • Lauren Bokman 9 months ago

    Who was the Rajah in A hazard of hearts?

  • Helen Lauer 9 months ago

    i’ve really been spoiled bythe English period films–the EM Forster, Dickens, Trollope, the Bronte and the Austen classics some of which done by the BBC. They have about fifty more touches to the scenery for instance. There is something so, well, cut rate about the whole production, including the acting. Sigh. That’s the price of being exposed to really quality cinema. The Grade B stuff really starts to look all plastic and frayed at the edges straight out of the box.

  • germankiwigal 9 months ago

    Oh my God, it’s so corny – I love it, hahaha

  • katwyn100 9 months ago

    I can’t believe I actually managed to watch practically all of this twaddle. Awfull, awfull — dreadfull crap acting, Sarah Mies, never very good even at her so caslled best was just really embarrassing to watch– anyway interesting of you to even post this- even more amazing that I watched it!!

  • Donna Miller 9 months ago

    Post as many of these type movies as you have

  • Donna Miller 9 months ago

    Thank you I love these films great fun

  • Meggan Young-King 9 months ago

    nice film, light hearted romance with a corny twist and a splash of death

  • Jose Ramos 9 months ago

    This is what men can make a woman be very bitter

  • Drishya CL 9 months ago

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  • Elizabeth Ng 9 months ago

    OMG He plays in hazards of Hearts!!

  • LazyGigolo 9 months ago

    another cheesy hollywod production filled with corny music for frustated housewives

  • arianna19742000 9 months ago

    Poor Fiona Fullerton (Lady Isabel Gillingham in “A Hazard of Hearts 1987″ and lady Violet in “A Ghost in Monte Carlo 1990″), she could not have Marcus Gilbert (Lord Justin Vulcan) in “A Hazard of Hearts” with Helena Bonham Carter (Serena Staverley) and she again could not have Marcus Gilbert (Lord Robert Stanford) in ” A Ghost in Monte Carlo 1990″ .

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