Added by on July 29, 2013

Naked Girl in the Pool Prank : Worlds Funniest Gags

Its just another day at the pool. People are swimming, relaxing, having fun and suddenly a naked girl swims by you while you are under water. You dont believ…

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  • Vrej Egon Spengler 8 months ago

    In the beginning, when she dives into the pool, you can see her boobs and butt. Is there a full throttle version of this video?

  • Andanc Leanc 8 months ago

    1:36… i would do that

  • Ooops - Funny Home Videos 8 months ago

    Ooops! Seems like you edited the best part out…hahhaha…the last reaction was a superrrr hit!

  • meggymoo36 8 months ago


  • Austin Hartman 8 months ago

    Yeah you really got them! They really suffered on that prank.

  • billy pilgrim 8 months ago

    Enjoy it because they get old and fat faster than you can blink. 

  • Joseph Jennings 8 months ago

    “yet they dictate to the rest of us how we should live” A good example of the ******** of the bible.

  • Acesbar88 8 months ago


  • tutuology 8 months ago

    Real Er fake

  • LiamKFilms 8 months ago

    the guy tries to rape her at 1:35

  • RANGO THEBOY 8 months ago

    hey is she naked for money in my ladn thet will be kilde or be post forever in a jail with no food and water because showing of like that if im a presedent

  • RANGO THEBOY 8 months ago

    yoooooooup buddy

  • alfred williams 8 months ago

    There are a lot of sexy girls on Landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this!

  • LAWRENCE REGUDO 8 months ago

  • xxxkillerboy121 8 months ago

    1:23 you can see the girls *** ;]

  • Jason Lee 8 months ago

    i’d jump in the swimming pool naked then **** the **** out of her

  • Funny Home Videos and Fails : HahaTV 8 months ago

    Its 70 Now. Very hot video.

  • pretorrianwarrior 8 months ago

    lol the top comment has 69

  • chicagoDemon1 8 months ago

    give him 2 and a Coke

  • chicagoDemon1 8 months ago

    your stupid lol, alcohol is not a sin, they rank wine in the bible. smoking weed is not a sin, its a natural plant that alters the state of mind when consumed. fighting could be self defense, or helping defend another. stop making religious people look crazy!

  • junky9 8 months ago

    its not a gag if you actually see it…..

  • Cpnowys1awsome 8 months ago

    Them: TEASURE!! Me: Ha! Stupid pervs!

  • C0Dking273 8 months ago

    dont get it

  • Joe ONeal 8 months ago

    want a hot dog?

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