Added by on December 29, 2013

*** in the Ancient World (Egypt ) – History Channel Documentary

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  • Anel Cody 3 months ago


  • pami dutt 3 months ago

    female narrators

  • JaapioNL 3 months ago

    Or maybe the “cave artist” had just seen something he liked and drew it.

  • Lotdesa Snowden 3 months ago

    *** is apart of life even in the ancient world it’s nothing to be ashamed of and according to some people *** in God go hand in hand just my opinion

  • jason li 3 months ago

    what am i doing here?

  • ARTURO MUNOZ 3 months ago

    i guess im the first to check this video out ,and i was checking the comments for feed back but im the first cool! 

  • mike dime 3 months ago

    Those chicks are clueless. Desperately scrambling to add some credits to their thesis’

  • Kat rawr 3 months ago

    whatt am i watchin

  • jestia 3 months ago

    precursor to playboy? LOL

  • Chas Stack 3 months ago

    They were having filthy *** in ancient Egypt , I had no idea . good thing we have you tube

  • LeathalShears 3 months ago

    lol They found the Pharaohs **** collection…And the pages were stuck together..Eeewww.

  • Daxxon Jabiru 3 months ago

    Some of the bits were “stuck” together with some, as yet, unidentified sticky substance. The lead researchers say this may have been some type of ancient “hair gel.”

  • ToolsnFire 3 months ago

    And it’s pure, not filthy or clean, it just is.

  • Octavio Almaguer 3 months ago

    Go search: happy puppies On Google then click on the first link IF YOU DARE 

  • KKOPPI 3 months ago

    3:12 that dude looks like Bono

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