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Creating Life – The Ultimate Engineering Challenge. (Synthetic Biology documentary)

A synthetic biology documentary by Kelly Neaves and Dominic Rees-Roberts, following the Imperial College IGEM team (International Genetically Engineered Mach…

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  • Van Hellsing 10 months ago

    no you can’t. I am kidding lol

  • Joshua Loyd 10 months ago

    happy for them. 

  • DKSE09 10 months ago

    If these goofballs can do it then so can I.

  • DKSE09 10 months ago

    Lot’s of googling. I would start with learning the basic principles of biology and engineering, then research chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering and biomedical engineering. Some of the information you’ll need will likely need to be pirated, such as college textbooks and scientific journals. There are many lectures about things posted all over youtube and the internet. Openstudy(dot)com is a good site too. Most if not all of the info is somewhere on the net you gotta search hard.

  • sssssjjjj1 10 months ago


  • Eric Ostring 10 months ago

    Hi! where can i learn synthetic bio from online? I would like to self study it from the web, since i am in highschool and there are no courses available for synthetic biology

  • Bobo Dejay 10 months ago

    What is energy and gravitation? What is life? small gradual steps for the formation of life? you know the minimum number of genes concept? you know that by random interactions the formation of life is impossible, just the formation of one protein has a probability of 1 in 10 to 160. scientists claim that a thing is impossible when it reaches the probability of 1 in 10 to 70. The universe was formed, this tells me it had a beginning. What started it, if there was nothing? cause and effect

  • Bobo Dejay 10 months ago

    Formation of the universe: how? something out of nothing, are you serious? is that logic? Higgs Boson, you think explains everything? We found that particle and we still have a lot of questions to answer. We need to find out other things that explain other, and so on, etc. This will never end. Functional information – read more! Give me an example of information formed by random interactions. How information is formed – processing data, sending a message, giving instructions, recipe.

  • jalex1212 10 months ago

    The most dangerous nerds of all time. Somebody needs to stop these people and their nerd think b4 they try to make a hulk.

  • BTiffney71 10 months ago

    We do know what energy is : another state of matter. We do know what gravition, and even recently found the likely source, didnt you hear about the Higgs Boson. There’s also evidence for the formation of the universe: the cosmic microwave brackground, the rate of expension and the deep space images, no faith required here. The theory of the origin of life is still in its infancy, I give you that. But its not an excuse to use an argument from ignorance.

  • BTiffney71 10 months ago

    I didnt say that.. The genetic variation is indeed random but natural selection is not… Life came about throught small gradual steps, with a very simple beginning and preserving what works the best by natural selection. “Functional information can be formed only by an intelligent mind” where did you get that from? This is an claim with no basis coming from an anthropocentric worldview, there’s no evidence for this intelligent mind and you dont know how information can be created naturally.

  • Bobo Dejay 10 months ago

    If you don’t know it doesn’t means that mind don’t exists. After all we don’t know what energy or gravitation is, but we believe in them because we can measure them in a way that makes sens. When I see my name written on sand I also think about someone who knows how to write.Also when I see the sequence of DNA,I think about an intelligent mind who created that great complexity.Atheist have to believe in many things without evidence(formation of universe,first living cell,something from nothing).

  • Bobo Dejay 10 months ago

    You say that language is made by a mind but a more complex thing like DNA is random and chance? If functional information can be formed by random interactions and chance than nature should be full of it, but is not. Is easy to manipulate a code, or to put all the components of a cell together, and maybe create life, when you know the order, is impossible when you don’t know. Functional information can be formed only by an intelligent mind. Every code/language has a mind behind it.

  • BTiffney71 10 months ago

    Well thats not very convincing, I dont know any minds that isn’t the produce of a physical brain. I know scientists have not created life yet but they’re getting close and its only a matter of time in my opinion. You’re story about the sand reminds me of the watchmaker argument. If I see words written on the sand, I know someone (human) wrote it because people exist and can write. I dont assume fairies did it with no evidence whatsoever, a natural explanation is much more likely to be true.

  • revlooshin 10 months ago

    It takes a fool to unwittingly fulfill prophecy, all the while denying the veracity of it. Just remember, there’s nothing new under the sun. Genetic engineering/manipulation goes way back to the beginning of civilization. It’s even covered in scripture. Nope, nothing new at all.

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