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BBC The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler 1of3 Full documentary

BBC The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler 1of3 Full documentary i do not own any rights to this documentary.

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  • PersonalityDeficit87 9 months ago

    Adolf Hitler is a mysterious figure in world history. Only a genius could rise from the depths of abject poverty to seduce an entire nation to do his bidding. His experience in the great war baptized him.

  • MrRolaCosta 9 months ago

    “it is difficult for the home to understand when you hid in the countries which kill Germans” what does it mean?

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    ich möchte auch erwähnen, dass sein Bruder der gewöhnliche Soldat an der Ostfreund war nach dem Krieg gestorben ist. Er lag in seinem Krankenbett und hat kurz vor seinem Tod geschrien, dass ihn der Teufel holen würde, dass er ihn schon sehen würde, und er genau wüsste weswegen. Er hat nie gesagt was er getan hat. Wir haben böse dinge getan. Wir haben es gesehen und selbst eure schlimmsten veteranen haben keine ahnung, was nur das Wort Ostfront in machen menschenbis heute auslöst.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    Ich respektiere James Bacque Werk, obwohl ich vemrute, dass er auf Popularität abzielt und deswegen bei den zahlen öfters übertreibt. ich stimme dir zu, dass die USA auch schlimme Ding ein einem Krieg gemacht haben. Unteranderen mehr Vergewaltigungen an Franzosen als unter deutscher Besatzung. Aber ich kann dir versichern, dass der Holocaust existierte. Mein Urgroßvater kannte SS-Männer die teilweise unehrenhaft im Krieg starben oder nach dem Krieg an den Folgen ihrer Taten zugrundegingen

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    bilions? maximum over 100.000

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    why hitler should attack canado or india? We wanted to not even conquer the Balkans but the italians wanted to expand there. And since they lost the war against Greece and the UK Hitler had to step in and conquer all these islands to prevent bomb attacks on Romanian oil fields.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    The fear of the regime was large and the resistance was strongly fought even before the war began. Also, it is difficult for the home to understand when you hid in the countries which kill Germans.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    After Stalingrad, most have only been fooling. In addition, even the 40% who opposed Hitler had hopes to be freed. SPD-KPD a couple of Zentrum party. Plus all faithful Christians who were more passive and passive left opponents of the system covered by its immunity. The assassination attempt against Hitler shows that even the generals, who were very loyal, wanted to end the war.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    only 40% of germany voted for hitler. in the war after poland, france and greek blitz the majority was for hitler because we won again so many strong countries. Than the dead squads from the SS and the attack again CCCP killed the moral of population and soilders. In the SS too. many fellows died unhonored. =Suicide, desertion, gone crazy and shot to conceal anything.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    and germany made aattackplan again france. France builded defence positions. Germany is stand on the side of Austria. Why? Russia and England were our friends too. Why just use our power to get the serbs free and austria peacfull? because the emporer and the generals wanted the war. In any war, even in the second World War, both sides were at war with guilt. One could to overthrow to Hitler’s seizure of power.

  • ApolloMars1617 9 months ago

    we must hate germany, france, england, USA, China and every other country with nationalism to understand that we’re all humans of the same state

  • Christopher Thrawn 9 months ago

    Thank you for posting this.A learning experience.

  • Verborgene Wahrheit 9 months ago

    I cannot stomach this over-the-top biased documentery on one of the most influential and greatest leaders of the 20th Century. From 1919 onward, Hitler rose up from the ashes a Greater German Reich and kicked out the corrupt central banking system: that is why the Inernational Jews declared a Boycott on german goods

  • CDR54BLO 9 months ago

    By how many Pedro??? Bit prone to exaggeration are we?

  • CDR54BLO 9 months ago

    What lies are you talking about?

  • MuslimDolphin 9 months ago

    Where’s the rest of the documentary?

  • Eideric 9 months ago

    47.17 Hang on, just change a couple of words: ‘Cameron was careful to act mostly against groups in British society that many other British were prejudiced against, like immigrants and welfare claimants [...] [T]he vast majority of British were not at risk from persecution.’ Hmm… interesting…

  • TeamBlitz BlitzDivision 9 months ago

    GERMANY is so great, and the people in it, This Bohemian corporal spreads evil in the name of the German people, we must not hate Germany.

  • Nicolas Lichtenberg 9 months ago

    Hitler was the man who killed Millions in gas chambers and death camps, just because he hated jews and gypsies. The whole point of a Human Civilisation is to work with together so that we can make our lives easier and live in a world where you are not judged by the colour of your skin. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Native Americans..We are all the same. And if you choose to support a man who nearly led to the destruction of Mankind, then you sir should think about what you’re doing with your life.

  • MrRolaCosta 9 months ago

    All those docos says that what Hitler said was what the public wanted to hear, what does it says about the public?

  • Chris Raymond 9 months ago

    I am german and my great grandfather was a **** in world war 2. I got rid of the uniform armband and flag. Hitler was demonic and evil. I hope he rots in ****. I love the jewish ppl bcuz my God is a jew. I love you Jesus!

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